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Programs to Keep You Active and Motivated


To get and stay fit you need to find a fitness program that suits your lifestyle and schedule; and which is fun and challenging enough to keep you coming back.


Fitness Group Canada has a range of programs which make achieving your fitness goals easier:



Group Exercise Classes


There’s nothing like a rigorous, challenging workout in a class setting to keep you on track.  We offer a range of conveniently scheduled fitness classes, such as:


* Spin Cycle
* TRX Heat
* Chiseled
* Yoga
* Hap Ki Do
* Cardio Kick Boxing


All classes need to by registered (some fees may apply).



Registered Programs


TRX & Hap Ki Do. $15/hour sign up for 12/24/36 hour classes.



Nutrition & Supplements


We all know that fitness is a lifestyle choice.  Our personal trainers can offer advice on the diet and lifestyle changes that will help you to achieve and maintain your fitness goals.  We also have a full range of nutritional supplements to support your diet and build strength.



Fitness Program Schedule


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Business Programs
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